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Our office and our outside sales professionals provide Conservative, Common Sense, Well-Thought-Out Insurance decision making for our clients, our primary insurance client is in the country, or maybe in the mountains, back in the woods, along a stream, river or beside a lake. What differentiates us is unlike the other big city insurance agencies our ability to truly connect with rural America, and provide the exceptional, compassionate, hard decision-making services they deserve.

Currently, we write ranch homes, Log homes, Timber frame homes, Barndominiums, Conventional and Farmhouses in 41 states across the U.S.A. We understand about owning livestock, owning a tractor. We even know who made the tractor by the color, understanding why you need farm equipment, side by side and other back country equipment is a plus for the owner but your agent understanding why is also.  

We have successfully worked with private citizens and business owners for over 30 years. To learn more about Fred Roberts and Roberts and Associates, simply browse through our site or contact me direct.



Roberts & Associates is an all hands-on deck, everyone matters, type of business. Getting from clerical staff to management is just a simple process via a phone call or an email.



Roberts & Associates is committed to all of our current clients and future policy holders across the USA. It is Fred Roberts office further commitment to always make sound, well thought out decisions when it comes to your insurance needs.  Fred Roberts says after many years of serving clients with a very diversified needs, he knows that clients have the ability choose whoever they wish to do business with, and success can be measured by the growth of the business or the ones that stay year after year or decade to decade. Please feel free to call and speak to anyone in our office or ask for Fred Roberts himself.

123 N Washington St
Fayetteville, Texas 78940

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